Below are services 

·           A dedicated site to CATER finance education in India

·           Udemy for the CA, CS and CMA courses

·           Peer to peer community

·           High-quality education at a reasonable price.

·           Easy Access to quality content

·           Unbiased reviews and rating 

Solution difference from existing substitute – Online finance education site: Compared to a traditional coaching class or a school, where the concept or bookish definition is taught first, we approach teaching the other way around. Usually, someone will explain the definition and then giving various examples; we flip this. We take a real-life story and explain the concept in that real-life story and then go deeper into the concept, theories, and related aspects to simplify the whole thing. 

·         Quality Assurance of uploaded video lectures.  

·         Strong tie-ups in the industry professionals.

·         User-friendly domain name and user interface.

·         FREE lectures for economically weaker students.

·         Dedicated to 3 courses only CA, CS and CMA. 


Below are needs we are addressing: 

1.                   DEDICATED finance education portal for CA, CS and CMA courses.

2.                   Easy access to QUALITY FINANCE EDUCATION in India.

3.                   AFFORDABLE online and offline coaching.

4.                   INCREASING WOMEN CONFIDENCE by educating them.

5.                   Promoting finance education CAREER AWARENESS

6.                   GENERATING EMPLOYMENT by opening coaching center franchises. 

7.                   PROVIDING NEWS AND GENERAL UPDATES, resolving queries to the public. 

Higher education in India was earlier limited to only a handful of people who could afford training and coaching. Coaching institutes and classes were meant only for some. Today, despite an increase in incomes, access to quality learning is still limited to what is available to students around. 

Today India's eCommerce comprises only 5% of the total. Compare that to the 15% stake e-commerce has in the US market, and it becomes clear there’s still plenty of room for growth. India’s total internet user base is set to grow from 665 million in 2019 to 829 million by 2021. 

Now specific to the online market for education, India is now the third-largest online market in the world. This enables people to take better advantage of the resources available online. A whopping 9.6 million users in India will be paying for online courses by 2021. And that’s not all. The online education market itself is expected to witness a huge surge, growing 8x since 2016 to reach the $1.96 billion mark in the next two years.   

 Social Impact 

Social impact 

           Will create earning opportunity through peer to peer learning and franchise model.  

           Educating the mass especially household ladies and unemployed people

           Aiming to improve the student-teacher ratio across India

           Spreading awareness of the Finance Industry career opportunities

           FREE Webinar on latest fintech like blockchain and AI etc 

A one-stop solution for lifelong finance learning. In order to stay relevant in the finance industry, professionals today need to constantly acquire new knowledge and keep upskilling.