CA Academy is a marketplace for Finance education, wherein thousands of resources can be accessed. We will offer to coach for the courses: CA, CS, and CMA. We to help people get access to a world-class learning experience when traditional higher education is simply not possible due to financial or personal constraints. 

All our courses are delivered online and students can watch them anytime, anywhere on their mobile, laptop, tablet, or any other device. All that students need to do is subscribe to “our course online using a debit/credit card or a digital wallet” and they can start accessing it the next instant. This means, there is no need to travel somewhere, get physically registered, or even attend classes early in the morning. 

Below are needs we are addressing: 

1.        By providing real-time resources, news, book updates, online tutoring, edutainment, HD-quality educational videos and online test preparation ONLY for courses CA, CS and CMA.

2.        In any kind of learning, visual representation is the EASIEST WAY to learn things. We are using this idea to explain a concept by visualizing it on the screen so that students can actually remember better, understand better, and then perform better during the exams.

3.        PAY PER COURSE—customers only pay for what they want. They aren’t locked into month-to-month billing contracts, and they only have to pay once to get unlimited access to that course.

4.        We provide peer-to-peer LEARNING AND EARNING OPPORTUNITIES, forums, and encourage learners to share their personal notes with other students

5.        Lakhs of students appear in this exam every year creating a huge scope of a BUSINESS by taking the franchise.